Riches obtained through exploitation

I will give an example of my own country Uganda. Recently, there was a TV advert about people not being allowed to build near the road as these are road reserves and violation of said policy would result in the demolition of the structures. There is however a large shopping mall in a city suburb just close to the road and some time back many people were left homeless when their houses were demolished in favour of a city development plan to build apartments in the area where they previously resided. Need i say more?

These days, money talks and it seems there is nothing some people would not do to get it. Wealth at any cost is the motto for many people especially the youth who are so impatient to "get rich quick". You have to earn your wealth the right way and the only way that brings lasting wealth, hard work! Wealthy parents need to teach their children the value of money and they need to learn that they have to work to survive, not be entitled to inherit what they don't know how to sustain.

Who will fight for the oppressed and exploited poor people? Shall we all just accept anything in the name of money? The money you obtain from the tears and broken lives of other people will never last. It will be gone even before you die or shortly afterwards. Lets all try to make an honest living. People who own business should try to price their wares reasonably and not to make abnormal profits. Lets us try to fight the injustice of corruption wherever we are. God bless you all!

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