Taking advantage of people's charity!

I think there really is a special place for people in hell  for people who take advantage of the good nature of others to fleece them of money intended to help those in need. In this world, there are so many people desperately in need of help and even people who die of hunger. I mean there are people who do not have anything at all, they have nothing and sometimes no one to help them. How do you sleep at night  knowing you did that to someone?

I have a friend who said she no longer gives money to beggars because she once gave a beggar all the money she had only to find that same person downtown and the person tried to hide from her when he saw her! Life is hard , yes that is true but you have to make an honest living. There are people out there who are born or living in the worst of circumstances but are pushing and struggling everyday to live. Whats your excuse? If you are able bodied, healthy and of sound mind why should you take advantage of people's good nature?

You end up betraying people's trust and they even stop giving to those who actually need it. I say give with a cheerful heart even if you are not sure but also try to find out the circumstances of the person you are giving to if you can. The world is round and do not expect to enjoy money got from exploiting the generosity of others. Some people say karma will get you back but i believe there is a God who sees and judges fairly and you cannot escape his justice!

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