Price manipulation or hoarding

Today, some people and businesses especially the stock market is about speculation and apparently anticipating market trends. Honestly to me its like a more respectable form of gambling. Granted, it is good to take some risks in life but draw the line somewhere. We are all trying to make a living and truth be told it is getting harder for many people even though some people do not seem to be filling the pinch.

I will give an example of a monopoly. There is a certain airline which has a monopoly to some regional destinations and you would not believe the fares they are charging to these destinations! Sometimes you realize your business really is doing well and you are making a good profit but because of our human weakness, we become greedy and decide to think, what if i purposefully stifle supply for my wares so that i can charge even higher and make abnormal profits? That is greed, pure and simple.

Price manipulation is a business of exploitation because some people actually need those products and they cannot afford them because of greed. Lets all try to be honest in our work and increase our efforts to work hard and we will surely reap the rewards, maybe not immediately but definitely, your patience will pay off!

PS: Always ask yourself this question . Did i receive a full pay for work well done or a full day of work?

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