Mind your own business!

Genuine concern for the well being of others is a good thing. However as human beings we have a weakness to be curious about the affairs of others and yes some people love to tear people down or even rejoice in the misfortunes of others. ("that just makes you sad and pathetic am sorry to say").

Gossip sometimes becomes and addiction and some people even go around looking for gossip about others. I read some tips on life somewhere and one of the tips was "what other people think of you is none of your business." You cant live your life always worrying about what people will think and you cant please everyone. You are going to step on peoples toes and rub some people the wrong way! So what? Life goes on. Jesus was the kindest person that ever lived and still people found fault in his good works.

We can only do our best. The motive behind our actions is what truly determines whether they are inherently good or bad. Even if you have the best intentions, people can find fault with them but that is just our nature of prejudice. Don't try to live your life to please other people but live it with the best of intentions and not out of malice, and it is very important to do things for fun!

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