What is in a name?

There is power and truth in a name, believe it or not. When parents are naming children, they ought to be careful about the names they choose! Names can haunt you or be a source of blessing! Some people even grow up to be a certain way because of the names they were given.

I have two names. My christian name is a hebrew name meaning abundance or excellence. My sur name is in my native tongue, meaning wisdom. Very beautiful names, filled with meaning. I love them and i am glad my parents named me well.

As a christian, i would advise naming your children after the saints or holy people. They were filled with virtue and some of their graces will rub off on them. Naming your children after graces is also a good choice. Lets all take time to ponder the power of a name before we give one or take on one!
God bless you all!


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