Lent is here!

In this season we are reminded of some key pillars that as christians we ought to observe.
They are :
  • Fasting / sacrifice
  • Alms giving
  • Prayer
  • Mercy and forgiveness.
 Our local priest in his homily last week reminded us that sometimes out prayers are not answered because we are neglecting the other pillars and concentrating on fasting. If you cannot express mercy to the people around you and are holding on to grudges then your fasting and prayer are rendered useless!

Remember that Jesus says "if you are at the altar ready to present a gift to the lord and remember that you are not on good terms with your neighbor, leave the gift there and go and first make peace with him." Also remember to give something to those in need, they are so many who feel alone and neglected in this world. Reach out to them. This is the time to turn back to our God. He is always waiting for you. God bless you all!

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