The dignity of a mother!

I was recently reading an article that had something very disturbing indeed. A "feminist" writer for the daily telegraph wrote that it should be illegal in Australia for mothers to stay at home once their children are old enough to go to school. Apparently, in the name of feminism, she is advocating for gender equality in the work place and thinks too many mothers are staying home instead of going out and getting jobs!

This is very sad indeed and even sadder because its a woman thinking that way. I dont understand why so called "feminists" need to be so aggressive. I know women have been treated unfairly and even cruelly by society in the past and even today but there is no justification for this! Feminists seem to want to keep pushing the line just to get back at society for years of being mistreated.

We cannot change the past, we can only look to the future! A mother's choice to stay home and raise her children must never be taken from her and its her choice. Period. Children need to be raised in love and they need the guidance of their parents. Working for their physical needs is not enough and that is why so many children today end up as delinquent youth and dysfunctional adults. They do not get the love and guidance they need to grow up to be mature, balanced adults.

I do not support the feminism that this writer is advancing. It is wrong and complete nonsense. Lets all fight for the dignity of a mother. It must not be taken from her. God bless you all!

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