Where are you?

Today is ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Lent is meant to be a time of renewal, a time to return back to God! As the priest blesses your head, he says the words ""You are dust and to dust you shall return". Human beings need to be reminded of our own mortality as we often live our lives as if we were meant to be on the earth forever. We forget that our lives here are only a temporary journey to our final destination which is eternity. Our lives here will determine our state in eternity!

On Monday, in the homily of one of the priests in my local church, he exhorted us to look deep into our inner selves and make an evaluation of our lives. He used the example of the late celebrity, Michael Jackson who died from an overdose of sleep medication. He was wealthy and surrounded by seemingly "adoring" fans but couldn't sleep. There are so many things we take for granted but how many people are struggling to find the joy in simple things? We spend most of our lives searching for money and material wealth and for what? There is no joy or happiness to be found in the things of this world! We often discover that when its too late. The true source of joy and peace is God through his son Jesus Christ! "Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all the rest will fall in line!

In Genesis, after man's fall God asked man "where are you?" Our priest asked us to reflect on these words this lent! We always put so much energy into looking our best, keeping up appearances! God wants us to bring to him our inner selves, those broken parts that no one else sees! He wants to heal us and renew our lives and direct them towards the fulfillment of our true purpose. You were made from Divine love and your purpose is to bring about God's kingdom here on earth and to love him who is the source of all peace,joy and Love!

Lord, may we cease the vain pursuit of happiness in the things of this world. May our hearts always be directed towards you as we search for our purpose in life. Amen.


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