Our Journey together is so short...........

I recently got an inspirational post that puts our life here in perspective. It is good food for thought. To summarize, in that post was a story about how a lady on a journey is inconvenienced by the passenger next to her who is rude and inconsiderate. The passenger next to her is annoyed on her behalf and asks why she didn't speak up and she replies it is not worth it to fight as "our journey together is so short"

In life, you have to pick and choose your battles carefully. I live near the land of an apparently "wealthy" man who according to the care takers of the land, does not even want people to walk on the road adjacent to his plot. His workers went so far as to dig up the drainage trench and in the rainy season, the water flows down to the houses in the valley, flooding them and the road has become somewhat impassable!

To be honest, when i first learned of this i was very angry and i thought to myself, how can people be so arrogant and so conceited? If people walk on the road, will they carry his land away? Truly, does he think he is God? One day he will die and then, will he carry the road to his grave with him? I recently wrote about the foolish rich man Jesus speaks about in his parable. When will people learn? Humility is such a beautiful virtue, wealth and influence should never make you proud. You remain mortal and things can change in an instant!

I am not saying you should accept to be trampled on by others but learn not to fight useless battles. Sometimes people rub us the wrong way! They are rude, insensitive, manipulative and even cruel! People we have trusted may even betray us and those we love may break our hearts! Have you been a victim of the actions of others? Has your heart been broken over and over again? Have people betrayed your trust and confidence? Are you discouraged daily? Always remember our journey together is so short, lets not waste it in fights and bitterness. Learn to let go and let God. God bless you all!

PS : Lord help us to forgive one another and live together in harmony on this journey on earth for it is indeed so short!


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