God is with us......Christmas joy!

The wait of advent is almost over, Christ will soon be with us but the question is, will He find faith and open hearts? I love this time of the year, i have always been a sucker for the holidays. Its easy to get caught up in shopping, decorations and food but we must never lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, that God came to live among us as one of us!

O Come Emmanuel indeed! The world is filled with selfishness and many people seem to have lost the true meaning of Christmas. In my country, robberies are on the rise at this time of the year as people are pressured to keep up with the materialistic world. Many people are actually so stressed over this period that they cannot even enjoy it.

Christ was born in a cave in Jerusalem, over two thousand year ago but do we stop to ponder with what joy the Blessed Virgin Mary bore him? What joy the shepherds had when they received the good news from the Angel? What joy the magi received the King of Kings? Take a moment to ponder the joy Christmas brings and remember that the greatest joy comes from giving,not receiving!

Look around you and you will see so many people in need of hope, bring the Joy of Christmas to them! No one is too poor to give something to another, if you don't have material things, give courage, give love, give hope. Lift someone's spirit with the warmth of your smile! Emmanuel is here, God with us. O come Emmanuel and consume the world with the fire of your love!


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