Gene Manipulation

We have apparently made alot of strides in our advancement in science. I say apparently because some of this scientific research inolves genetic manipulation of cells from aborted fetuses. (sigh) While i do realise that it is important to study genes , i do not approve of some of the methods used today and neither should you.

It is very questionable and disheartening to me when i hear about babies, yes they ate little human beings no matter the debate about when life starts, bieng used in this way!  Sometimes i even think that abortion has become an industry and this research is partly responsible. We are not God and we never will be. Some things are best left well alone and gene manipulation is one of them.

It is always a good thing when someone tries to help people but your methods must be right and your conscience clear. How will you live with the knowledge that you destroyed something in order to build something else? Those are innocents and i would rather die than get help knowing it came from that. Sometimes we are born with so called defects and yes even suffer gravely because of them. Life isn't perfect and it never will be. I do not agree with the science that says you get to choose the best or right traits and block out the undesirable ones. Accept that life is life and be happy with your lemons in life, Make lemonade as the saying goes. God bless you all.

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