God's Masterpiece!

Yesterday (decemeber 8th) , was the feast of the immaculate conception. A feast dedicated to the most beloved of all creation, the blessed virgin Mary. One can never be able to say enough about her. Even while i am writing  now, i feel joy and peace. Thats how i feel when i think about my mother Mary. That is the wonderful feeling she wants to give to all her children (the world).

Mary is exalted above all of created beings ( even the princely seraphim). She is Queen of heaven and earth and the reason she was exalted by God is perfect humility and perfect love. Perfect obedience to God's will. Mary always said yes to God. People may not realise this, but Mary knew the amount of suffering she would endure as the mother of the redeemer! Even as she said yes to God at the meassage from Angel Gabriel, she pondered the scriptures from Isaiah about the suffering serrvant. She knew it would tear apart her heart and she said yes. If that is the will of God, then i accept it!

I am in awe of you , mother! Your yes became our salvation and with your humility, you won over the favor of the most holy trrinity. Today, you stand in heaven a Queen, more beautiful than anything we can ever comprehend or imagine! Ave Regina, Ave Maria! May you continue to intercede for your poor children here on earth and win for us salvation. Amen. Blessed be God in his masterpice, the blessed virgin Mary!

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