Tensions in the East!

There has been a recent flare up of tensions between the United States and North Korea. North Korea's nuclear ambitions are also causing tension among her immediate neighbors , especailly South Korea whose city of Seoul could be caught in the middle of a war. War is not new and humans have been fighting wars since the dawn of time. However, we seem to have learnt very few lessons from our brutal and bloody past!

How many cruel and harsh realities war brings! Those who have lived through wars must often live with the scars of old wounds that might never truly heal. In times of war, there is even less value placed on human lives and society descends into a chaos. Property is destroyed and progress is set back but oh, how much blood is shed? How many tears are shed? How may sleepless nights and days filled with anxiety?

In my mind, i think North Korea and other nuclear powers display of weaponry seems to boast to another nation , " I can use these weapons to KILL and destroy so many of your people!" Yes, do not be fooled and our leaders should be ashamed of themselves. Have they learnt nothing from the tragedy that happened in Japan in the second world war when nuclear weapons were last used? Do we need a reminder of the horrors that still haunt us even today?

What blatant disregard for human life. There is NO justification for the use of nuclear weapons and they were created to DESTROY. They are called weapons of mass destruction for a reason and i shudder everytime i hear that a country is seeking nuclear ambitions. Shame on North Korea's leadership for seeking to destory others and shame on all who follow in her footsteps. There is no more justice in humanity and the Lord will intervene. Woe to those who have crushed others under their feet for they will not escape Divine justice! Blessed Mary our mother, Queen of Peace, intercede for us and obtain God's mercy for us. Amen.

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