The gift of a child!

Children are gifts from God whether you want to believe it or not! In our day and age today, we like to think we can force God's hand as did Adam when man fell from Grace. There is even apparently research into trying to help transgender people have biological children! How foolish man is in thinking he can do better than his creator!

Some couples try to have children but are not able to in their lifetimes! Some eventually have a child when they least expect it even when modern medicine has written them off! It is only God who in his mercy and infinite wisdom gives you the gift of a child when the time is right. Not before. We have so may fertility doctors and centres these days but we do not know the ugly side behind them?

How much pain the patient goes through? How much exhaustion? And do you know how many embryos are destroyed just to make one child? Is it really worth it? Will you really be happy knowing what you had to sacrifice to have that child? We are turning into monsters just becuase we are selfish and thinking only of ourselves! Do not lose your soul. I wont say i understsnd what childless couples are going through. Only God understands but i sympathise with them.

Seek only God's peace in your struggles and desire to have children. It is by his grace that you will bear them and bring them up in his love! For all those struggling to have children, put your trust in God and be patient. As Padre Pio says, "pray and do not worry, God is merciful!" God bless you all!

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