Everyone has to deal with loss in their lives at some point. Life and death co-exist and we have to accept that death will eventually come for us all! I have been dealing with the loss of my father who died early last month and the pain is still fresh, though its getting better day by day. Time does indeed heal all wounds!

You never really know what to say to people when they are grieving. I know i didn't before but i can tell you that it makes a difference when people say a comforting word and make an effort to be there for you. It goes a long way and our friends and relatives have supported us during this difficult time and made the pain easier to bear. We will be forever grateful to them.

The most crucial thing though has been the faith that we have in God and the hope that dad is or will one day soon be with God and that we will see him one day in paradise! God always remembers his children and towards the end, he had such faith, such beautiful faith and it brings us the greatest comfort! To know that he died after making his peace with God, that is everything to us!

Lord, give us the strength to bear our grief and endure until we are reunited with him in your kingdom. Amen.


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