Managing expectations.........

What do you expect out of life? We often get the things we expect! I was reminded of that in a homily of one of the priests in my local church. The saying goes "life is what you make it" and though some people are born with certain privileges that others do not have, it is very true!

If you have low expectations, you will not succeed in life. Many of the people we idolize in society, the so called wealthy people started from very humble beginnings. Some of them never even finished school and were written off as rejects. Do not pay too much attention to people who try to bring you down. Everyone has their own strengths in life as much as they have their weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and persevere no matter what and you will succeed!

Someone once sent me a message that was asking us to ponder on the word breakthrough! Before you achieve something, you have to break through the barrier! No one has it easy, don't waste your time trying to live your life as a version of someone else or compare your life to someone else! We are not on the same journey. Find your lane and stay in it!

Lets all learn to be the best we can be and aspire for the best things in life. You can succeed and achieve everything you dreamed of. Success is in your reach, grab it and take it! Lord i believe it when you say "i have come that you may life and life unto the fullest" Amen.

PS: Beware not to trample on people's backs as you ascend the ladder to success. Success at such a cost is not worth it!


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