Obsession with darkness.....

People have started to think about Halloween which occurs on the last day of October each year as a "harmless" holiday. In fact its become such a big holiday in certain countries like the United States that it may one day even surpass Christmas! Cities and homes are often decorated with all kind of scary decorations and games are created for children. It seems all in good fun as we try to spook each other out but have we ever stopped to ponder about our current obsession with darkness?

If you take a close look at our current media, both print and television even the internet, you will discover a disturbing curiosity in the occult! People do not even seem to realize how wrong that is! We think its just a joke or entertainment for us. Wicca and other new age ideologies are on the rise and we think that even witches can be good, so called light magic! Do not be fooled, there is no such thing as good witches or good magic! Human beings were not meant to be clairvoyant or have knowledge of hidden things. That's definitely in the realm of the demonic!

I have seen how people....sometimes so called celebrities fawn over Tyler Henry. Its very disturbing that some people think he gives them hope by communicating with their deceased friends and relatives. False hope i say! There is also an obsession with horror movies and the new normal is the more terrifying, the better! I cannot understand why people would willingly want to experience nightmares and call it entertainment! I will take just one example of the Conjuring movies and the possessed doll Annabelle. The Nun actually references a known demon called valak! People do not realize that they are inviting darkness into their lives. Darkness is real and once you open the door to it, closing it will be the fight of your life!

Last week i was reading about the demon of Brownsville road. About a family's struggles to hold on to their home, a home that was inhabited by a vengeful demon! I also once read about a family struggling with possession. A man's struggle to liberate his wife with the help of the Catholic Church!
We think its all fun and games until the darkness starts to affect us. Just research about true cases of the demonic and you will find out just how bad a nightmare people go through to rid themselves of it. The Devil is real and if we let him in, he wont leave without a fight!

I know i am strong because my strength comes from God but i will not willingly submit to darkness or the devil! All Hallows eve is the eve before All Saints day. We celebrate those who have triumphed over the flesh and now reign with Christ. We will not celebrate those who have chosen to fall into the abyss! We can only pity them but they have sealed their fate! Fight the good fight, run the race and stand ready to receive your crown as St. Paul says at the close of your earthly life! God bless you all!

PS : As St. Francis of Assisi says "a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows" I choose to be a sunbeam in Christ so that i may drive out the shadow! What will your choice be?


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