The Rock of St. Peter........

There is only one true church founded by Jesus himself and that is the Holy Roman Catholic Church! The Church is literally built on the bones of St. Peter himself. (St. Peter's basilica in Rome). In Matthew chapter 16, Jesus says to Peter, "you are Peter (kefa) and on this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over it!"

There have been many criticisms of our current Pope, Francis. Some conservative and traditional Catholics think him to be too "soft" and have accused him of causing confusion by some of his statements and by the recent synods especially the one on the Amazon. (where priestly celibacy was up for discussion and the pachamama was displayed in the Vatican). Some even viewed this as a display of idolatry and were outraged!

I will not judge the Pope's words and actions anymore than i would judge other peoples! The motives behind one's actions and words are hidden from mortals and only God can rightly judge a person! I understand that all human beings are fallible and make mistakes. The Pope is only human and carrying a great burden. Sometimes his words and actions are misunderstood but he remains the Vicar of Christ. As Cardinal Robert Sarah says, "whoever is against the Pope is, ipso facto, outside the Church"

It is not right to speak ill of the Pope and let us not be self righteous in judging his actions and words. While men make mistakes, God is perfect and the Holy Spirit guides the one true church of Christ! Instead of criticizing him, we should be praying for him (especially the rosary and divine mercy chaplet). He is in a very unique and demanding position. I believe he is only trying to do his best, place him in God's hands everyday and God will do the rest. To all Catholics out there in the world, take heart! Do not be tempted to leave the faith because of what you perceive to be errors in the Church leadership. The recent abuse crisis has shaken all of us and sometimes our leaders in the church have disappointed us but do not let this dampen your hope. The Roman Catholic Church will prevail, as it is built on the rock chosen by Christ himself. Always remember that as a Catholic, you are a soldier for Christ and a loyal subject of the blessed Virgin Mary, our Queen. You are under the command of St. Michael the Archangel and God himself is your shield! You were born for combat!


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