A plea for help!

Lately, there have been alot of attempted suicides in my city , kampala and around the world. Unforutnately in Uganda, suicide attempts are considered criminal acts and are pusnishable by prosecution. However we really need to ask ourselves, how does this help the person involved and the society? Is this really going to help to heal this deep rooted pain?

Essentialy, i think that aatempted suicide is a cry for help and is on the rise in the world today. To be honest, life is really hard for many people , if not for all of us but some people can truly feel like they are alone in the world and that they have no way out of a bad situation or that they have no one who cares for them.  Granted,  that is not a right way of thinking, but some people can be cruel and out of touch with the people around them. We are the reason that some people are so screwed up. Half of the blame should fall on them and the other half on those aouund them.

Do you even know your next door neighbor? Do you care to find out how his or her life is going? Do you ask if there is something wrong when you see that someone is clearly depressed? We tend to ignore people and say thats none of my business but you need to make it your business when someone is truly suffering in their lives. Try your best to help them, it doesnt have to be finaancially, even a kind word , a smile, a genuine concern about another person is enough. Lets all try to reach out to all those in our communities who are broken hearted and depressed. May God comfort you and turn your tears into laughter. God bless you all.

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