Here i am not referring to the American holiday of thanksgivng which is apparently a celebration  to remember  when the indians (native Americans) made peace with the settlers. ( " i assume?") Anyway i am referring to giving thanks to God especially and to others for the good things we receive.

Today i woke up to a sunny day and i took it for granted. How many people actually long for a little bit of sunshine in the cold , harsh regions of the world. (like iceland)You are able to breathe without difficulty today. How many people are in hospitals, unable to breathe on their own? There are too many things we take for granted. Even a smile, just a smile to the person next to you ("dont care if its not reciprocated") is enough to lift someone's spirits.

Let us learn to say thank you to God and to others. Even the trials and suffering we encounter have value and teach us something. So today and everyday, no matter how things are going, keep your chin up and keep a smile on your face. And always have an attitude of gratitude. God bless you all!

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