It is Well........

I think we have all heard about the famous song, "it is well with my soul". What was even more amazing to me about this song, is the story behind it. The composer, Horatio Spafford was a once very successful lawyer in chicago in the 1800's who literally lost everything. He first lost his youngest chid (a son), then his business, then his four daughters died in a shipwreck. It was one tragedy after the other and what does he do? He composes a song that brings hope to us even today.

Today i was reading my psalm for the day which says God is always close to the broken hearted. I feel like this is an important message especially for our times. So many people are struggling with depression, dissappointments and broken hearts. So many people searching for hope. Your hope shoudl always be in the Lord God, he will never abandon you. He loves you even when you cannot love yourself!

In the toughest storms of our life, let us ask God to help us to say it is well. Always let us seek his peace and he will give it to us. He will calm every storm if we will only surrender to him. Lord, i give you everything that i am, do with me what you will. I trust you completely. Amen

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