Drunk with the blood of innocents.........

Recently, New York's "catholic" governor (Andrew Cuomo) approved a law that will effectively permit abortions right up to the moment of birth for basically any number of reasons! It was a sad day indeed for America, the world and indeed all Catholics. I just cannot understand how someone can claim to be Catholic and go against one of the most important principles of the church which is that all life is sacred!

His actions have spoken louder than his weak proclamations of being a catholic! When i think about the circumstances of Roe vs wade i shudder! I am not very familiar with the case but i read a summary that says the woman represented in the case , Norma McCovey as Jane Roe had actually lied about being raped in order to procure an abortion in Texas! The supreme court sided with her and voted in January 1972 to deem abortion a constitutional right in the United states! (sigh)

Planned parenthood was recently involved in a scandal selling aborted body parts and yet the government of America still supports them! We consider ourselves to be enlightened but have steadily descended into a state worse than animals. Even animals will die to protect their young but not us, no, we have the "right" to choose! We need to be ready when we have children. We have reduced human life to an inconvenience and we shall pay the price for it!

Next, they will turn the agenda to so called "mercy" killing! Some people are too old and are not productive anymore.(they are a burden) We must get rid of them in the guise of ending their suffering! 

The world will soon be drunk with the blood of innocents and we shall be no less than demons who have brought hell on earth! Is it a wonder then, that we shall soon be chastised by God when the full measure of our sins is reached? Oh how the blessed Virgin has warned us numerous times but we have remained obstinate! (read the prophecies of Akita and Kibeho) Where shall we indeed run to mother? We run to your mantle for protection. We have recourse to thee, O mother of mercy. May the world be truly converted and adhere to the will of your son, Jesus! Amen.


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