The spirt of Anger!

Beware of the spirit of anger and mindless rage! We ought to think before we act in anger as the consequences of such actions are often dire and cannot be overturned! Sometimes we are unnecessarily irritable and lash out at others due to no fault of their own or as a means of getting rid of stress!

This is very wrong indeed. Last week i observed it in a close relation of mine as he was driving. He struggles with anger and i pray that God will give him serenity and peace in his heart! How many terrible things have been done just in a fit of anger? Sometimes even to the extent of taking someone's life!

When you are angry, you cannot think clearly and often regret will follow your actions! Let us learn how to pause and walk away from confrontation. Lets also try to hold our tongues and be silent when we feel enraged by someone. If you cannot say something good, its best not to say anything at all! No one should be self righteous in regards to anger, only God has that right.

The lord is slow to anger and full of compassion! May we always strive to follow your example Lord. Amen.


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