The ripple effect of bad choices and decisions.........

On Monday, i was reminded of the consequences of our actions by the homily of the priest in my local church! He told us about the story of a woman who abandoned her children to pursue a new relationship with a man who didn't want children. She is now living a life of regret! How terrible it is to live a life always looking back and wishing we could change the past!

The hard truth is that our choices and decisions especially as leaders, elders and parents affect a lot of people. We often do not realize that because every one depends on someone else whether we like to admit it or not, the consequences will reach much further than we thought! Lets take the example of political leaders and families. The actions especially of leaders will definitely have lasting consequences on the people they serve. When a leader serves himself, no one in society will benefit. His selfish actions will lead to poverty, hunger and a basic lack of necessities as we see all too often here in Africa!(sometimes even death)

Lets also look at the family. If you take a close look at some families to ponder on why certain vices like alcoholism, prostitution, poverty, witchcraft e.t.c and certain issues recur, you need only investigate about the family tree! In the old testament of the bible, the lord says punishment for sin will follow even to the 3rd and 4th generation! Parents never stop to ponder on the damage they are doing to future generations. Their sin will follow their children and their children's children. So many murders are committed today and sometimes the guilty get away with it. (flaws in the justice system). However God does not forget and that innocent blood cries out for vengeance! (How many abortions have so far been done in this world?)

Lord, give us the wisdom and serenity to make the right choices and decisions for our nations and our families and cleanse our family trees by your blood! Amen.


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