Living in a world without Love

I believe in God and God is Love. But how many of us actually live the message of love? Look around you and tell me what you see. Violence and more violence eery single day. Children murdered even by their own parents, greed for money causing exploitation of the poor, lust showing in our relationships devoid of commitment, thousands and thousands of young people unemployed, people taking their lives and i could go on and on about how sad our lives have become. (sight)

If we really had love (God) in our hearts, the world truly would be a better place. Our lives will never be perfect, we must accept that. However we must make an effort to make them better, to hope, to share with people in more difficult circumstances. Christmas is here and its not about fancy clothes and gifts. Christmas is about the coming of Love and joy into our lives and this is personified in Jesus Christ our savior. May he reign in every heart and may he bring you lasting peace and joy!

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