Murder of Innocents

I was horrified to read an article last week which i shared on Google+ about four children who were beheaded in Iraq because they refused to renounce their christian faith. I applaud such courage and faith especially in little children because how many of us "grown ups" can die for their faith? However all people of good will whether Christians or Muslims should condemn such senseless acts of brutality especially when it is against the little innocents.

I cannot imagine us living in a world where children can be brutally murdered in the name of religious fanaticism. Is this really what God wants you to do? To kill innocent children just because they do not share the same faith us you. I do not judge Muslims but these horrendous actions keep giving Islam a bad name. Many times we are born into a certain faith and sometimes, we change to another or we embrace our faith as we grow older. We should not have to live in fear of each other. The cruelty to Christians in Iraq by the so called ISIS should be condemned in the strongest way by all people of goodwill and we should try to do everything possible to help our brothers and sisters in Christ.

To those suffering the threat of martyrdom in Iraq and those who have been pushed out of your homes, take courage. I cannot say that i know what you are going through but i sympathize with you Your suffering makes me weep inside. We are with you! Your suffering will not be in vain, take heart! God bless you all.

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