World Aids day

Today 1st  December is world aids day. Today we remember in a special way the millions of people living with HIV in the world especially Africa.  I have lost a few relatives to HIV and i think most people in Africa have lost someone close to them. People living with HIV often have to live with stigma from others and even shame and yet not everyone got the virus through promiscuity. Some people get HIV through no fault of their own.

In our modern times, there are drugs (anti-retrovirals) people with HIV can take to manage the virus and pro-long their lives. The youth in my country Uganda, do not seem to be "afraid" of getting infected with HIV.  NGO's are promoting safe sex instead of abstinence and faitfulness to one partner. The result has been an increase in new infections especially among married couples. (sigh)

We need to take HIV seriously especially young people. We need to accept those living with the virus and help them to cope with it. They may need counseling services which should be readily available to them and they should not have to live in shame. I don't think there is any such thing as "safe sex" so don't be fooled into promiscuity. I know abstinence does not seem to fit into our modern world today but its the only way you will be truly safe. Christians need to set a good example to others by abstaining as God commands us.

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