Living without hope

About a month ago, a lady jumped from one of the tallest buildings in Kampala to her death. (sigh)
Pope Francis said in a recent homily that many young people today are living without hope.  This is very sad but true. We are living in a world today where it is every man for himself. We don't really allow ourselves to be concerned about the troubles of others nor do we want to.

I read a story about a man who struggled with a pregnant woman who was suicidal. For months he had to live with her to prevent her from killing herself and today she is a well adjusted woman who cant even remember why she wanted to commit suicide. How many of these tragedies could we ourselves have prevented if we had just taken the time to ask someone who looks sad, "what's the matter?" How was your day? Many people feel lonely in this world, even when they have family. sometimes people feel like no one cares about them and their lives don't matter.

You matter, you are a dignified human being irrespective of your social standing or finances. No situation in life is completely hopeless. We all need to infuse hope in each other everyday. When times are hard, lets share the burden. Young people and all people never give up hoping for something better, its right around the corner. someone sent me a text image on whats app sometime back that showed two men mining. One of them kept on digging and was so close to finding diamonds but gave up just at the last minute. Don't be that guy, be the guy that persevered and got the diamonds. God bless you all!

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