If this is the world i created, then let the devil take me!

Ponder those words people , for they carry great meaning. Those are the words of a local Spanish poet who was trying to put himself in God's mind! There have been a string of robberies and murders in a town in Spain (vilanova) recently. A few local priests have been the victims of burglaries with two murders and not just priests. An elderly lady was also murdered and robbed of all her savings.

Today, i was in a taxi and the driver argued with one of the passengers over the fare and called him despicable names. Honestly if you look at the world today, you can get discouraged and even depressed. How many cruel , terrible things we do to people and how much we place money and things above human beings!

I truly think the words of the Spanish poet are inspired. God must be absolutely furious over the state of our world today. Shame on us! I will not lose hope in humanity because that is what being a christian means, living with hope. There are and will always be people who will try to live selfless lives and bring joy and peace to their fellow men. May God's spirit dwell in your hearts and bring you peace and love. Amen

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