Mental illness

I often meet people on the street struggling with mental illness and it makes me so sad for them. I have often asked doctors what causes people to become insane but sometimes there is no straight answer. There are sometimes things in life that we cannot explain. You grow up and realize that the hard way. Doctors sometimes try to explain its cause as being from an imbalance of chemicals in the body. I don't really understand why that would happen, but that's life!

I think that we pay a lot more attention to the physical causes of illness and neglect the spiritual. We are made up of body and spirit and both are affected by circumstances in life. People with mental illness need to be spiritually healed first! We often forget about that! Whatever is causing the illness in body starts from the spirit and that is why we need to pray for God's healing even as we take medication prescribed by doctors.

We also need to treat people with mental illness with dignity and respect. They are still human beings created in the image of God. My God grant us the grace to be patient and caring when dealing with such situations and grant us healing. Amen

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