The dignity of Priests!

Pope Francis has been under a lot of criticism including among Catholics worldwide who feel that he is not fighting for traditional roman catholic tenets. People are entitled to their own opinions and we all know you cannot please everyone. That being said, some of the talk about pope Francis is blatantly disrespectful toward our supreme pontiff!

Do we really think that it is helpful to speak against the pope or priests in a disrespectful manner? We may not always agree with them and some of them are in error but out duty is to pray for them , not criticize and judge them! Jesus is not pleased when we speak out against his priests. The roman catholic priesthood is invested with Jesus's power and priests are supposed to be direct representatives of Christ and he acts directly through them.

Let us Roman Catholics respect our priesthood which was instituted by Jesus himself and learn to hold our tongue's and pray for priests. Your prayers have the power to effect any and all positive changes according to God's will. God bless you all!

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