Crushing someone's spirit! (emotional abuse)

We often do not think about how senstiitve people are. Human beings are like onions, we have so many layers and we sometimes pretend that we have thick skins but beneath the surface of those layers, we are all vulnerable.

No one likes to be vulnerable, so we build walls to "ptotect" our fragile hearts from emotional abuse nad heart ache. I personally do not understand how some people can take pleasure or happiness in destroying someone's spirit. That someone can deliberately make it their goal to break you down, it leaves me speechless!

Many people today do not care that they are leaving a chain of broken hearts in their wake. People were not meant to be used like things and then discarded. One of my favorite actresses is quoted as saying " the human heart wasn't meant to be put through the abuse of dating."

This does not apply only to dating but to all aspects of our lives. We need to teach our chuldren to value people and not things. Our materialistic culture is largely responsible for the way we treat people today. Its all about me, me and me and how many nice things i can get to fill this empty void in my heart that keeps wanting more. "Our hearts are restless untill they resi in you, Lord." St. augustine is quoted as saying that and he lived a life full of debauchery in his younger years. One word to the wise is enough! God bless you all!

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