Managing expectations!

We all have expectaitons about where we hope to be at a certain point in our lives or how things should go in our daily lives but how often these expectaitons lead us to disappointment and are never realised. Shakespeare is quoted as saying " expectation is the root of all heart ache." While some people may use that as an excuse for mediocrity, we need to undersatnd that many times our expectations are unrealistic.

Many people also have trouble letting go of certain trivial things. Take the example of a lady whose day is ruined because she broke a nail, or your morning ruined by heavy rain or sweltering sunshine. We tend to expect that our days should be perfect or that people should behave a certain way with us and we get disappointed when things do not go the way we think they should.

Life is never going to be perfect or easy! You may not be where you wanted to be in life today but if you wake up each day hoping it will be better than yesterday and working towards making it better , then thats enough in my book! You need to shrug off some things that do not work out for you and move on. If today you didnt make the sale, hopefully it will happen tomorrow or even next year(sigh). Pick up your feet and keep moving forward. Do not expect too much from people and life and you will be ok. God bless you all!

Ps: This is not an excuse to be a slacker or downplay your potential!

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