Our Father in Heaven

In yesterday's Gospel reading, the disciples of Jesus ask him to teach them how to pray. He teaches them to pray with simplicity and humility, the "our father". In todays world, many people have given prayer a back seat and lost faith. When someone is in a hard situation, their first instinct is not to pray, sometimes people even look at you like you are crazy if you tell them to pray.

In my opinion, its not right to take prayer for granted or only turn to God in prayer as a last resort. God loves you and he is always waiting for you but we need to make prayer part of our lives, like breathing, we do not need to think about it! The priest in my local church was saying people come up with all sorts of excuses not to pray, like they are busy and they do not know how or what to say!

Those are just that, excuses! We have time to go to bars and casinos, parties, beauty salons and all manner of frivolous things but no time to pray? As for what to say, God is the best of fathers, speak to him as you would your father, tell him your worries and cares and your joys and give thanks to him. Tell him you love him! By the way, your material needs are not the most important thing. Actually it should be material wants. Stop looking at what you dont have and start looking at what you do have!
God bless you all!

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