The business of healthcare

In our times, healthcare is apparently a very lucrative business and has turned out to be exploitative. Yes indeed, hospitals and private clinics now charge exorbitant prices for treating patiens and consulting with doctors and those who lack insurance or cannot pay the fees are left to ponder their next move. (Silly me, and here i thought people got into the medical profession to save lives!)

Truth be told, even doctors and other people working in healthcare need to earn a living. They work really hard and sometimes with minimal amounts of sleep and have to been on call to handle emergencies. I honestly empathise with them, its a tough job and you have to be a strong person to handle it. That being said, its not an excuse to exploit sick people.

I live in Africa and honestly, the quality of health care here is appallling! Sometimes a patient is really ill and we have too many unlicensed medical professionals, especially in the rural areas who will prescribe the patient with placebos or pain killers and send them on their merry way having deceived them that they will be well after taking said medicines.

It is honestly despicable and abhorrent to do that to a sick person, desperate to get better and you are responsible for that person's death! How do you sleep at night knowing you did that to someone? What's happening in the developed world is not any better as many people can no longer afford quality healthcare and you better believe that insurance wont cover all medical costs, just some! (Bet they dont tell you that when you are sigining up for it!)

May /God grant all the people working in healthcare around the world his spirit of love and charity to humbly serve those that are entrusred to their care and may they truly save the lives that can be saved. Amen

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