Often times we are afraid. We are afraid of things we do not understand, of strange animals, even of the unknown, of the future. I usually read bout people who have different phobia's like fear of open spaces, or fear of flying or fear of heights. Personally speaking, i am afraid of certain kinds of insects especially large spiders (yikes!). I generally have a dislike of bugs and insects because i find them to be grotesque looking.

Sometimes i think about certain phobias like agoraphobia and realize that such fear actually leads to paralysis of your life. If you are afraid to leave your home everyday, how are you supposed to work, or form relationships? such fear is irrational and yet the person with the phobia cant seem to shale that fear. I once read an article about a tourist who was backpacking through central africa nnd when she came back to the UK, she discovered a very large spider in her bag. honestly i think if i had been the one, i would have fainted. I could not believe the size of it.

Fear is often times irrational because being afraid of certain things or situations does not make it better. Sure, some things are actually dangerous and should be feared but we cannot let fear rule our lives. I used to be afraid of the dark when i was a child but i find that now i prefer to sleep with the lights off. I do not remember how i conquered my fear of the dark, maybe i just outgrew it.  Sometimes the only thing you can do is to be brave and confront your fear head on.You can conquer your fear,!

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