Life is meant to be lived not understood

My mother said that to me in a conversation we had last week. It got me thinking about life and how we always look for explanations to life's mysteries and problems. But the truth is sometimes in life , there is no answer! I was watching one of the TV shows i love, (yes i love watching TV shows) and the dad was saying to his child that "one day you are going to grow up and realize that you don't have all the answers".

Children usually have an innocence that reasons that there is an answer for everything but us we grow up we realize that life is not black and white. Life is complicated and sometimes there is no explanation. There are so many things that happen in life and we ask ourselves why? Why are some people born with horrible disabilities? why are some people insane? why do some parents abandon their children?  Why do some people die so young? why cant everybody find love?

There are just so many things we cannot understand and not matter how desperately we want an answer, sometimes its not there. Life is meant to be lived not understood.  Words to live by. We just have to keep living, one day at a time and try to keep a positive attitude about life. We need to accept that life is not easy, its just life or as the french say "c'est la vie". I believe that if we have God in our lives, we will no longer keep searching restlessly for answers, God is the answer!


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