The devil is real!

Last week i read an intriguing but also disconcerting article about Sr. Magdalena of the cross, a medieval nun whose experiences with the devil deceived most people into believing her "visions" were from God. I do understand that the catholic church must always encourage caution when dealing with private revelations as the faithful are not required to believe in them. However some private revelations have brought people closer to God provided they do not contradict church doctrine and are not opposed to faith and morals.

Many people especially today do not believe in the malevolent entity called the devil and his minions, the evil spirits. People today think the devil is a myth or just a made up entity to scare children into being good. How very wrong we are indeed. The devil exists and he is just as real as you and me. He is happy when many people are blind to his existence but you do not have to look far for signs or proofs even in every day life.

Sr. Magdalena sold her soul to the devil in exchange for fame and power. How many of the "famous" and wealthy people in our times have actually sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power and wealth and fame? How many have invited the devil in through the practice of Wicca under the guise of communing with nature? Do not be deceived! Wicca is new age sorcery, there is nothing good about sorcery, it is inherently evil! Sr. Magdalena eventually was exorcised and repented of her sin. Please read about her story at 

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