What it means to be humble

Yesterday i was reading an article about the true meaning of humility. The writer was saying that humility does not mean putting yourself down to others or denying the truth of what you are.. Being humble does not mean thinking yourself ugly when the fact is you are beautiful or thinking yourself dumb when you are brilliant. Being humble does not mean denying your gifts or accomplishments in life.

To me being truly humble means accepting those gifts or talents but realizing that your gifts or accomplishments do not make you better than someone without them and do not entitle you to be treated to a higher degree of respect than others. Yes the world is usually kinder to people with accomplishments and these days money makes people "respect" you.

Do not buy in to the false sense of esteem and security that money or accomplishments bring you. The most important thing to a person is his/her reputation and character. I would encourage you to try to be truly humble especially when dealing with people in everyday situations. ("honestly sometimes people drive you up the wall but resist the urge to give them a piece of your mind").

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