Temptation is all around us everyday. As human beings, we are all vulnerable to temptations. whys is it so easy for us to give in? I think sometimes we want a life free of complications, free of consequences. We just want to live in the moment.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be free and happy however we should learn to accept that our actions have consequences and we cannot just do whatever we please. As a grown up, i realize that you cannot "have your cake and eat it." Something has got to give, you have to let go off somethings.

Sometimes, i  think i want something and why shouldn't i have it? But that's just being selfish and immature. You usually feel guilty after giving in to temptation and you end up feeling worse instead of better. You just have to keep trying to fight the urge to give in . ( "it is really hard but suck it up")


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