Daddy dont leave!

Yesterday was father's day and i was listening to some "cheesy" songs on the radio and two songs caught my attention, "butterfly kisses" and "daddy's little girl". In one of the song's the lyrics have a line that goes "daddy , daddy don't leave". I was imagining a little child saying to his father , please don't leave. Its heartbreaking that some children actually go through that experience.

In my opinion, a father is supposed to be the protector and provider of the family. By provider ,  i don't mean just financially but also contributing to the upbringing of the child and making time for your children. I was eavesdropping ("not intentionally") on a conversation between two mother's about how stressful and emotionally draining it is to care for a sick child. One of the mother's was saying that the father just sleeps soundly , but as a mother she could not get peace of mind knowing that her child was sick.

As a father, you have the responsibility to ensure the survival of the family and make sure that all the basic needs of the family are met. Some fathers shirk their responsibility but there is no excuse for that! Once you are a parent, you have to grow up and put your child's needs above your own and that is what it means to be a parent. You have to sacrifice certain things sometimes like late nights out, frivolous expenditure and trips that would take you away from your child for long e.t.c

May St. Joseph be your model on how to be a Loving and Responsible Father! To all the dad's out there, we love and respect you and we are counting on you not to let us down! God bless you !

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