Reaching out to the marginalised!

In society, there are always people who are looked down on , ignored and even despised because of their social standing or unfortunate circumstances that they have been through in life! Sometimes its not even their fault, like in the case of some physical disability or disorder! Some people are born into a cycle of poverty and are trying to get out of it but everyone needs help now and then!

How many of us actually have the courage to reach out to those whom society deems outcasts? Sometimes we have what i would call "useless pity", where we feel sorry for them but wont do anything to help them. I mean too bad for them but its not happening to me so i will just shrug it off and say "that's life!"  Yes life is that way sometimes but its not meant to be like that! You should make an effort to help people in difficult situations starting with your own family but also people you do not know, absolute strangers.

Sometimes even a smile or an encouraging word is enough but lets all make an effort to reach out to someone who needs us and make a positive impact on their lives! God bless you all!

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