ISIS and the apocalypse!

ISIS has made quite a name for themselves as murderers of innocent people including children, and claimed territory for themselves by forcing Christians to flee their homes. Apparently, ISIS believes in their own messiah, the so called "mahdi", who will usher in the apocalypse or end of the world!

We have had a couple of men with a "god" complex over the years for example Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin to mention a few. Human pride knows no limits and power is seductive! Sometimes i wonder how people can allow themselves to follow a leader whose ideals are torture and murder! How do people get "brainwashed" to that extent?

We need to take a closer look at our leaders and consider what they stand for. No matter how good or charismatic a leader is, he or she is not God! Sometimes we follow leaders blindly and they lead us into destruction and death! There are just some things we cannot agree to go along with and the murder of innocents is one of them. There is no way i would ever support someone who beheads a child!

We all know in our hearts the right thing to do, do not be deceived into going against your conscience and destroying your humanity and soul! May God save us all!

PS ; "Pride comes before a fall!"

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