Self love as a root of sin

I read an interesting spiritual article about self love as the root of man's inclination to sin. The writer made reference to the ancient myth about Narcissus who fell in love with his own refection and drowned in a pool as a result! (What a shame!) The writer thinks that the reason for the fall of man was that he loved himself more than he loved God. Reminds me of a certain fallen angel , Lucifer who did the same. He was so filled with pride and self love that he dared to challenge his creator and we all know what happened next. He fell from grace forever to be damned!

It is healthy to love yourself up to a certain point. Yes, you are a dignified, beautiful, capable being but you are not perfect. Always remember that you are flawed and must maintain a balance between healthy self esteem and prideful self love! There are limits to what you can achieve and your wisdom is not perfect! Sometimes scientists say the sky is the limit and look at what we have achieved and think of what the future will be like! To be honest, i am afraid for future generations because we have destroyed our environment and pushed morality to the limit in our search of knowledge and gene modifications. We are not God, the sooner we accept our limitations and seek true knowledge which only comes from him, the better. Pride comes before a fall and we are standing at the precipice, ready to tip over at any moment. May God save us!

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