To admonish the sinner!

I was reading an article yesterday about how we are sometimes self righteous when reproaching people for certain actions and poor choices  or mistakes especially people we love. I do understand "tough love" because sometimes people need a kick in the butt to get moving after making some bad choices but we have to be careful not to compare ourselves and think we are better than that!

We all make mistakes, lets not pretend we are perfect. Sometimes we say or do things that cross some or all the lines of morality. We justify our actions by convincing ourselves that life is not black and white and certain circumstances force us to act a certain way. While our actions are shaped by our circumstances, we must try to control our impulses as they often lead us into making bad choices!

Whenever you encounter someone who has made a bad choice and are disappointed, remember that you have made some bad choices yourself and try to understand the circumstances of their actions. Tell them that it was a mistake but it is human to error. let them move on from it and learn from those bad choices!

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