Fools Rush In

Oh to be young and in love! Is there anything more wonderful or more terrifying? ("yes falling in love can be scary") I really loved that movie by the way! I personally believe you can have the experience of meeting someone and have a "feeling" about that person, that maybe this could be the one you have been searching for all your life, which some people call "love at first sight".

In my honest opinion, love is supposed to bloom like a flower or grow not just suddenly happen! We should never trust those first feelings of attraction and "lust" when meeting someone new. Don't rely so much on your chemistry and feelings of attraction, it might just be a crush. Get to know the person and let them get to know you! So many people have had their hearts broken because of what i refer to as "foolish love" especially young people!

Some people actually confuse obsession with love! I personally think you need to have some time to yourself. I don't believe someone who loves you should be texting you all the time, checking your phone, showing up to escort you everywhere and constantly calling you to see how you are doing!("that's more like a stalker"). You need some time to breathe and miss each other! So don't obsess about someone you love, you will end up ruining it or hurting yourself! Communication is a very important thing in a relationship but so is privacy and some amount of independence from the person you love. Its a delicate balance but hopefully you will manage to find it in your relationships! God bless you all!

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