Bearing grudges and resentment

I am currently reading a book about healing the family tree and about bondages that sometimes exist in our lives / families. Truthfully one of the things that keeps us from progressing in our lives and even brings illness is the inability to forgive and forget! We are bound by bitterness and resentment when we refuse to forgive past and present wrongs done to us by others.

We all make mistakes us human beings and we are not perfect. Sometimes people even hurt you because they are miserable and are just lashing out. We need to try to understand where people are coming from and not react with the same anger. It does not mean you enable people's bad habits or vices by just keeping silent. Say something about it but with charity not disdain or judgement. Sometimes you may even need to avoid that person.

Part of forgiveness is forgetting and starting on a clean slate. If someone sincerely apologizes to you and you try to understand his or her actions from trying to put yourself in their shoes then also try to forget their past mistakes. I am also struggling with this and i know its hard. Ir's only God who can give us the grace of true mercy. May he grant us the grace to be merciful and fair! Amen.


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