Impossible Choices

Last week, i was reading about a couple in the united states whose five year old daughter is suffering from charcot-marie-tooth syndrome, a rare incurable disease. Her family have been through numerous hospital visits as each time she gets an infection, she becomes worse. Her disease affects the muscles and she is now unable to eat normally or to move and sit up, she has to be fed through a tube. The doctors say the next time she gets an infection, most likely she will not recover.

Her parents asked her if she would want to be brought back to the hospital the next time she is ill and the brave little girl said No. She made the choice to die at home and her parents are willing to respect her decision. Some people had some issues with the parents saying at her age, they cannot allow her to make such a monumental decision. In my opinion, we cannot begin to undestand what that family ahs been through and what that little girl is going through. Everyday the nurses have to push a tube down her throat to evacuate mucus and prevent it from building up.

Her family is in the position where they have to make an impossible choice. I cannot even begin to comprehend what they are going through but my heart goes out to them and my prayers are with them. May God bring you peace in this difficult situation and may he comfort you in the days ahead!

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