Inviting evil in!

We are still in shock about the events in Paris where more than a hundred people died in separate attacks on the city. It was truly a tragic incident. As i read a story last week about the attacks at the stadium, something else was uncovered and it brings a lot of things into perspective as last week i found myself filled with questions of why? Why did this happen?

Nobody should die like that. It is truly a horrible way to die but we, especially in this present age, seem to have ignored or rejected the reality of the existence of evil / the devil. Apparently, the band playing at the stadium was singing a song called "kiss the devil" when the attacks occurred. The devil or evil will come when he is invoked. He would love nothing more than to kill and destroy as that is what he is!

We have had too many warnings already about the existence of evil and yet we continue to invite it into our lives. Be careful what you say out loud or even think. Really take a closer look at the lyrics of various songs and be on your guard as many of them are trying to subtly glorify evil and the devil.  Be on your guard and do not let evil get a foothold into your life because once it does, it will be a difficult struggle to exorcise it and trust me, you don't want that hell in your life! Have recourse to St. Michael the arch angel, commander of God's army, he will not fail you in your battle against evil!

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