Even when i cannot believe!

There are circumstances and situations in life which sometimes leave us speechless or numb or depressed. We sometimes lose hope and that is truly unnerving because a people without hope is, well a lost people. These days we see so many people especially young people who live their lives hopelessly. Unemployment is rampant all over the world and we have people living on the streets. Our youth have sometimes engaged in drugs and violent crime . It is truly a sad situation.

Even when we have lost faith, God is always near us, loving us even when we cannot believe. Life is always changing and things will not always be the same. We need to accept that and move forward with hope that things will get better and they will. Young people especially need to be hopeful for the future and have a strong faith in God. God will not abandon you especially in your darkest moments. We are a generation of hope and there is nothing we cannot accomplish. May God fulfill your dreams and grant you a prosperous life!

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